April 01, 2009

The world's fastest Hemingway

Anthony Hopkins is going to play Ernest Hemingway in a movie to be produced, written, directed and co-starred in (in the role of a Cuban fishing boat captain) by Andy Garcia. The news is out and also the puns. The best one is the title of The Risky Biz blog post which I believe is also the one which broke the news last week: “The Bell Tolls for Andy Garcia”. The Guardian’s “For Whom the Camera Rolls” is far behind, perhaps not even in the running.

Read the Risky Biz post. Read as far as the comments. As often happens, they are the funniest part, involving an actor -- actually an “author-performer”-- of that kind who uses three names, failing at self-promotion. I laughed out loud. Then I was trying to think of performers who were great enough to deserve three names but I couldn't think of any. I mean, I thought of George Bernard Shaw but I believe he was only a performer offstage. I tried asking my daughter if she could. She thought for a moment and offered “Robert Downey Junior?”

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