May 21, 2009

AWRF 2009: Lloyd Jones

Ana from the readers services team at Central Library captures the essence of her hour with Lloyd Jones:
Ok, just when you think it's safe to sit back, relax, along comes an author who dares you to push the boundaries, break all the rules and step outside the comfort zone into the uncertain world of imaginative risk.
"Aim for brilliance, find your voice - persuasive, seductive, enigmatic. Create your landscape of uniqueness. Think beyond narrative. Your aim is to go where no writer has ever been before. And then, the serious stuff starts..."
He continues to say that when you write with creative brilliance you surreptitiously become part of the essence of your creative reader's being, becoming (and he quotes Seamus Heaney) part of the "stitch-work of your DNA."
One must appreciate and savour his words on failure: "All those abandoned words, rejected manuscripts, are an invaluable and necessary experience on the path to greatness."
The author packed all this and much more in one hour; one hour in the company of our very persuasive and reductive Mr Jones. I am looking forward to reading other of his books. A very enjoyable hour.

Ditulis Oleh : tosca // 02:30


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