May 22, 2009

AWRF 2009: Lloyd Jones's authors

I went to hear Lloyd Jones too and I appreciate that Ana covered it for Books in the CIty because she reminded me of some good points that I had already forgotten, events overload perhaps, or maybe the distraction Finlay McDonald was causing me whenever he would start fiddling with his ear. For the rest I think he did fine; I especially liked when Lloyd Jones confided punchily  "Reading kind of completes the book." I've always liked and remember, probably because I work in a library, the lines in Borges's famous lecture on poetry where he said that poetry is not in the books in the library, it is in the encounter of the reader with the books.

One last Lloyd Jones moment to savour:
Q: What books are magic for you?

A: I like Raymond Carver - his book Cathedral, Richard Ford, Chekhov, Mario Vargas Llosa, oh, and Calvino - The Baron in the Trees - an excellent example of imaginative risk. At a certain point the Baron slips out into the tree- you expect he's going to come back down and then he doesn't, ever! I imagine Calvino weeing himself with excitement: "I'm going to keep him in the tree!"

Ditulis Oleh : tosca // 02:30


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