May 23, 2009

AWRF 2009: New Yorker night

Nick from the readers services team at Central Library has been a New Yorker if not a New Yorker. He reports on the night.
Rick Hertzberg wore a classy outfit, linen suit with a skinny tie and cowboy boots. When Rhonda Sherman asked each of the three panellists (others being Judith Thurman and James Surowiecki) about their favourite New Yorker stories of all time I’m glad Hertzberg mentioned Joseph Mitchell because his stuff is cool. When I first readJoe Gould’s secret I thought it was fiction. It is about an old-style boho named Joe Gould, transcriber of a mythical oral history of the city, and the efforts of the writer to locate it. It is a whole book made up of just two of the magazine’s ‘profiles’, one from the 1940s and one from the 1960s. That is how it used to be, writers wrote articles as long as they wanted, or needed. It is sort of what defined the magazine, which is now 85 years old. As a New Yorker writer you just couldn’t get what you got, in a week. Sometimes it took years. It is not like that now but they still think the New Yorker will be around for ages, maybe thanks to all the subscriptions Surowiecki sold on the podium on Saturday night.

The New Yorker is different from the city itself. It is its own place and this explains, said Hertzberg, why people miles away like to read it.

The night started with a slideshow of cartoons and next time I want to hear from a panel of New Yorker cartoonists.

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