November 01, 2009

Critterati at The New Yorker

The New Yorker is rightly famous for its cartoons (available in anthologies at the library) but it is not just its Roz Chasts and Charles Barsottis which can brighten your day. For instance, I've always gotten a good laugh out of the little advertisements in the margins of the last pages.  I think the first time I would have read them by chance, maybe nothing left to read but those, but I was hooked right away. They are like haiku versions of John Cheever's beautiful stories saluting, with tenderness and irony, the gods of 1960s New England suburbia.

I'll just flip through a withdrawn library New Yorker which I happen to have at hand so you can see what I mean:

Specialty Bow Ties
Handmade silk ties
by Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont.

The original brass Blo-Poke
The Essential Fireplace Tool
Handcrafted in New England since 1941.

The "I" in College Admission Essay
Your teen finds his/her truth, and gets noticed
By writing the personal essay of a lifetime.

The Pavilion at McLean Hospital
Unparalleled psychiatric evaluation and treatment
Unsurpassed discretion and service.

'Tis an unusual world.
Hendrick’s. A Most Unusual Gin
“Voted Best Gin in the World.” The Wall St. Journal

And now my adored New Yorkers have outdone themselves with the Critterati “Dress your pets like literary characters” contest.  Off they went, having great ideas and rustling up little outfits for their cats and dogs, where do they get the time, I wondered, with those long hours they work, and then dropping by that deli where everyone has to go or you’re not a real New Yorker, not to mention a run or a game of squash and getting sushi and watching The Wire (is it still on?) and David Letterman?

There must be a department at FAO Schwarz with funny pet clothes; they could not possibly have had that stuff on hand in their apartments. Myself, I wouldn’t have gotten further than “We could photoshop a black bob on a picture of the cat and call her Kat Mansfield” – but that’s why I’m not a New Yorker. New Yorkers, je vous salue.

See them all: the Critterati contest winners on The New Yorker online.

My favourites are the dry French couple; you’ll know why when you see them.

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