January 19, 2010

Best book videos

In with the new! I have been introduced to a new phenomenon on the internet, which would have been called book trailers, except that apparently some obnoxious company is claiming to have copyrighted the name “Book Trailer”. I will call them Book Videos until we're sure the coast is clear.

Book Videos are like movie trailers, only they are for books. When they are done well, shunning the mere illustrated narrative, they are vivid, moody and ultimately exhilarating, like many of the best things in life.
Here are my three favourites, off of youtube:

1. Going West by Maurice Gee: this is far and away the best book video I have come across. An imaginative idea, visually amazing, Yay for the New Zealand Book Council!

2. The Little Prince pop-up book – as simple and pure as the story itself. Make sure you have your volume turned up so you can appreciate the sound track.

3. Pride and prejudice and zombies: a dark, handsome, if not especially tall, Italian film director gave me this book for a Christmas present. I had been dubious, but the video has done the trick. I am converted. Besides the syntax, they could have mentioned the accent, too. I couldn't even understand what she was saying, let alone be bored by it.

 There is a website called bookscreening.com where you can search around for hours, or days, or ________s. Have fun! 

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