May 20, 2010

AWRF 2010 - Poetry Live

Thanks to Jade for this post on the Poetry Live event at AWRF 2010, chaired by Christine O'Brien from AUP. I love the idea of a poem about hanging out washing as I too have had some vivid experiences relating to putting out laundry. One was when I hung a set of sheets to dry in the back yard of a house in Wichita, Kansas and came out an hour later to find them already dry. I had just arrived a few days before and it marked the moment that I realized just what "Great Plains" -- such a fixture of American mythology -- really meant.

Introduced as a “feast of poets”, the audience was treated to a veritable banquet of poetry from seven New Zealand poets and one Australian poet, Alicia Sometimes.

Alison Wong was first up reciting one of her new poems, a witty comparison between hanging out washing in Geelong and Wellington. This poem was obviously memorable as on Sunday, I found myself hanging out sheets in such a way as to avoid tui droppings whereas if I had been in Geelong it would have been parakeet droppings I wanted to avoid.

Ian Wedde, Bernadette Hall, Sam Sampson, Jessica le Bas, Ben Brown, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman and Alicia Sometimes each read eight minutes worth of compelling verse.  However, the most moving poetry for me was extracts from Jessica le Bas's Walking to Africa. Introduced by the poet as a mother’s story about caring and families, this poem related the experience of adolescent mental illness in a very compassionate way.

Ditulis Oleh : tosca // 02:30


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