May 18, 2010

AWRF10 - "Somebody stole my game" with Chris Laidlaw

Barry O'Callaghan from Otahuhu Community Library feels he wuz robbed!  Read what he has to say about his event of choice at AWRF 2010.

I hate writers festivals. Hardly a soul under 30 present, let alone an under 30 male.  Writers festivals are strictly mature female territory, which is a shame. 

I used to like rugby, but not so much these days.  That's why I thought "Somebody Stole My Game", a discussion about the state of the national game with two of the country's most experienced commentators, would be a invigorating exchange of ideas about rugger.  But I was wrong.  You can't expect invigorating when you have Chris Laidlaw talking.  Surely one of the most boring men around.  His Scottish counterpart Gregor Paul was a bit more interesting but never really got that much time to speak.  Instead it was the very nice Lloyd Jones taking up all the time pitching his questions to the panellists.  But they all missed the point. 

Where was the in-depth thrust and volley of disagreement, instead of an insipid Chris waffling on about nothing we don't know already? What about rugby in the provinces, what about the thrill of Southland lifting the Ranfurly Shield for the first time in 50 years?  What about the lack of daytime rugby, the overbearance of Northern Hemisphere politics? 
For a while it got interesting. Chris mentioned how the rules are killing the game.  The man could see into the future.  I can see into the future as well and see that his forthcoming book, "Somebody Stole My Game" will incite much navel gazing about the game at present.  Me, I'd rather listen to Martin Devlin on the wireless.  At least he can work an audience, ask and answer the questions and be entertaining

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