May 19, 2010

AWRF 2010 - John Freeman: Shrinking the World

Pam from Mt. Roskill Community Library tells us how she found Shrinking the World and AWRF 2010 quite mind-expanding. 

This was my first Writers and Readers Festival and everything I saw was new and exciting. By the time I got to John Freeman’s talk I was well versed on the festival format - dimmed lights, slide show, sponsors voice over…until the highlight, a relaxed conversation between chair and guest.

Freeman’s talk reaffirmed what I have been thinking for quite some time, that our lives are far too busy.  He’s not anti e-mail, but believes the amount  we receive on a daily basis is a contributing factor in our sped up lifestyles, and that we need to slow down and think about the necessity of our words before hitting the send button.  Communicating today is about quick and instant; to the point where in some circles it is acceptable to text and email in the middle of a dinner conversation.

It was amusing to be reminded of how we used to wait for a daily mail delivery, and that we did and survived! 

When asked if he thought we were being ‘dumbed down’ by technology, Freeman laughed, ‘’We’re being blown to smithereens!’

I’ve yet to read his book Shrinking the world : the 4000-year story of how email came to rule our lives, but it is reassuring to know that towards the back are suggestions for managing information overload.

The Writers and Readers Festival has got me hooked and I will definitely be back next year.

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