May 17, 2010

An hour with Lionel Shriver at AWRF 2010

This utterly singular description of an hour with Lionel Shriver, chaired by Ms. Singularity herself, Charlotte Grimshaw, was contributed by Campbell, from the Readers Services team. 

The new book is So Much for That .

Lionel Shriver wears dark colours; her hair is pulled back. She tells jokes. She is not that funny and they are not jokes, but there is always some sort of laughter. Things get tense after the wrong questions are asked. Charlotte revises her notes, takes more time, and brings up Tolstoy. There is a big silver snail on the stage. The new book is about a woman who is dying but refuses to admit it. She clings to hope. Her friends stop going to visit her. They are too awkward and too afraid of their own mortality to be there for her. This is a problem with our society and with people in general. This is a personal tirade against people deserting each other. We will all have our chance at this unfortunately. Healthcare is another huge problem, obviously. I do not want to think about it.

She reads from her book. Her voice is dramatic but stern, like CNN. The characters are Flicka, Glynis and Shep. Her reading illustrates her point perfectly. It comes to be time for questions. Someone asks a cheeky one and gets a good laugh. She does not answer the question properly but we all understand.
It was raining heavily outside and now inside, it is warm but it still feels wet. I do not want to get sick. I cannot get sick this winter. I want my warm bed and my pyjamas, my lemon, honey and ginger and a stupid movie.

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