April 01, 2011

Electric literature

From the Manifesto of the Electric Literature website:

"Publishing is going through a revolution. There's opportunity and danger. The danger lies in ignoring or resisting the transformation in media. New platforms present an opportunity to adapt. We believe the short story is particularly well-suited to our hectic age, and certainly for digital devices. A quick, satisfying read can be welcome anywhere, and while you might forget a book, you’ll always have your phone."

Although I personally don't always have my phone, as I sometimes lose it under the seat of the car or under the piles of papers on my desk, and I almost never forget a book in either of the two construable meanings of that phrase, I'm right there with Electric Literature, a quarterly anthology of "five top-notch short stories, delivered in every viable medium", in believing that literature is what's important and not the medium, which I hope saves me from being one of the "sentimental old souls" they say they don't want to be.

I also like the way Electric Literature wants to take us to places that are exciting, unexpected and meaningful (well, I have some doubts about "meaningful" as a goal rather than a by-product of literature), such as their Electric Literature Single Sentence Animation series, short films created by visual artists in response to single sentences from stories published in Electric Literature.

Here is my far-and-away favourite of the ELSSA series, animated by Vance Reeser, inspired by a sentence from "Little things" by Matt Sumell.

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