April 02, 2011

Six word stories

I wonder if the people behind the Electric Literature Single Sentence Animation series know about Hemingway's wager, made over lunch at the famous haunt of Jazz Age literary life, the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan, that he could write an entire short story using just six words, and how he won it with "For sale: baby shoes, never worn".

Naturally many people since then have wanted to try their hands at this exploit, and to see their varying success you can go to sites like Six Word Stories. Most of the attempts resemble death bed utterances rather than stories, such as this from the annoying Dave Eggers (Category: Celebrity): "Found true love. Married someone else." Compare it to this jewel from the unknown Dan Rako: “Home early. Whose car is that?” (Category: Surprize).

The Guardian commissioned and published a collection of noted authors' six word stories a few years ago where the pickings are much better. My favourites are

"Apple?" "No." "Taste!" "ADAM?" Oh God.
--  David Lodge

Juicy offer. Must decline. Still paralysed.
--  Richard Ford

If only they could be seven words, I'd have one ready made. It's this phrase spoken a few days ago by the woman who was driving my daughter's class to school camp, in response to a question from one of the kids: "This isn't a bus, it's a coach".

Anyone out there want to try their hand?

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