May 13, 2012

AWRF 2012: Emily Perkins on The Forrests

Sue from the Readers Services team at Central City Library was wonderfully impressed by The Forrests and its author. She reports:
Emily Perkins completely engaged her audience as she shared an immediate rapport with her interviewer, her fellow writer and contemporary Paula Morris, at this year’s Writers & Readers festival. Kudos have to go to Paula Morris who had evidently put a lot of planning into her questions, which were pertinent and helped immerse the audience in Emily’s creative processes and the literary scaffolding of her new novel The Forrests.

 Listening to Emily talk about The Forrests, named after the family it represents, one is struck by how unassuming and down to earth Emily is. Emily’s writing is so beautifully evocative, the strands of longing and nostalgia so palpable they seem to float around the reader as they travel through the pages. The excerpts Emily chose to read aloud were received by a spellbound and silent audience who waited respectfully after she finished before relaxing into quiet whispers of appreciation.

An hour passed regretfully quickly, and as I filed out of the auditorium, I was not surprised to note the number of people queuing to purchase The Forrests and travel further into their imagined world.

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