May 25, 2013

An hour with Anita Desai at AWRF 2013

Doris, librarian at Birkenhead Library, went to hear Anita Desai, who counts among her many awards and honours the New York Public Library's "Literary Lion Award", which she received in 1993.

I thoroughly enjoyed this "Hour with Anita Desai". The turnout was excellent and the atmosphere was great. Michael Moynahan made it a conversation more than an interview, about growing up in India and touching a bit on her early work. Towards the end they talked about her latest book, The artist of disappearance, three novellas set in modern India.

I did not know that Anita’s first language was German and that she learned English at school. Later she chose English as her ‘literary language’. Writing must obviously run in the family because her daughter is Kiran Desai.

What a humble lady, softly spoken and proud to be Indian. She writes about what she knows best, living in India, family life in India, and being a woman in Indian society. I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

-- Doris Lindauer-Hullett

Ditulis Oleh : Karen Craig // 15:00


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