May 28, 2013

Kate Atkinson at AWRF 2013: "Life goes on"

Kate's famous first
Don't judge Kate Atkinson by her covers! While I was still thinking of her as the quintessential writer whose books are given by discerning women well-versed in contemporary fiction to their witty and equally well-read sisters or mothers -- in other words, a shoo-in for women's writing prizes, her website now quotes hardcore New Jerseyite and thriller writer Harlen Coben saying "Kate Atkinson is an absolute must-read. I love everything she writes".  She was beaten out for this year's Women's Prize for Fiction, she's been writing crime novels, and ... and here's a trio of insights into Kate Atkinson's private and professional lives which Janice from Epsom Library gleaned for us at "Life goes  on", starring Kate Atkinson, interviewed by Ramona Koval.

Kate Atkinson gave us some insights into her home life as well as her writing life at this session:

Kate has wrapped condoms in brown paper for her father's medical supplies business.

She does research before each book, but doesn't look at her findings once she starts writing.

Kate believes that no one can teach you to write, it comes from the imagination.

Kate's latest
As Q & A with the audience began, Kate amused us by saying the best question she has ever had so far was from a 13-year-old boy. This boy asked her which person in her family she would eat if she was starving to death on a desert island. Kate's reply was that she would not eat anyone in her family, but she would eat a stranger, though only if he was dead!

So, Life Goes On!

-- Janice Lowe, Epsom Library

Ditulis Oleh : Karen Craig // 13:00


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