May 21, 2014

Auckland Writers Festival 2014: Camilla Lackberg

Guest post by Lucia, Grey Lynn Community Library.

Scandinavian crime Queen Camilla Lackberg delighted the audience at the Auckland Writers Festival with her candidness about her personal life and how she has no control over her characters, in that even she can be surprised by how her characters develop during writing.

An economist who changed her career to follow her passion for writing crime fiction, she wrote her first book when she was four years old, a bloodthirsty story involving Santa Claus and the demise of Mrs Claus. An early signal, perhaps, that she is fascinated by the dark side of life.

She talked at length about the formula of crime fiction writing and her discovery of the fact that she was actually working to a formula. Her first novel The Ice Princess was published in 2003, and her ninth novel is in progress.

Lackberg was happy to assure fans that there are no plans for main characters writer Erica Falck and detective Patrik Hedstrom to divorce. This will no doubt bring a sigh of relief from those who have come to know these two characters well. 

Ditulis Oleh : Karen Craig // 23:14


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