May 15, 2014

Auckland Writers Festival 2014: it's here!

The French have a saying for it.  

En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît! 

Which means "In May, do as you please!"

Book Festivals are the perfect occasion for overindulging, and I will certainly be doing so at AWF 2014.

I've got 15 events on my list, starting with the New Zealand Listener Gala Night: "True Stories Told Live: Truth and Lies", to which I'll be heading off as soon as I hit "Publish", and I'll be posting the low-downs as soon as I ever can, and another 15 librarians or more are lined up for guest posts capturing the colours of the events they're attending.

So if you're sorry you couldn't be there, or you were there but couldn't be at two events at the same time, drop in here as the reports come in, for a whiff of Eau de AWF, a meal at 4 starred Food for Thought, and a wild slalom down Monte Literati!

Ditulis Oleh : Karen Craig // 18:35


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