December 22, 2016

Great Summer Read: Check out a book bundle

Check out a book bundle at your library

The Great Summer Read crowd (1412 challenges logged so far!) have been taking home some very mysterious bundles  -- names like "She walks in beauty", "What I did last summer" and "Expect the unexpected" stick out -- along with the less obscure but certainly even more enticing to some, "Dystopias","Thrillers", and "For the girls".

The key to this challenge is: don't think you have to read everything in the bundle. It's about discovery. You'll discover some you like, and some that aren't for you. That's fine! 

How far along do you have to read before you know that a book isn't even going to become something for you?

I'm always hearing people tell with perverse pride about how dogged they are about finishing a book, but I've never seen it as a virtue. More admirable to toss it and move on to something better, I say. Does anyone ever talk about a fabulous meal where the first three courses were unappetizing? On the other hand, there can be some hiccups as you get into a book and it can still turn out to be a thrilling read.

Try the astute rule devised by Nancy Pearl, the American librarian diva, model for the Shushing Librarian action figure and author of the bestselling Book lustwhich goes: 

You only need to read as many pages as the number you get by subtracting your age from 100, to know for sure if a book is worth continuing. 

Basically, by the time you're 99, you'll just need to read the first page.

Ditulis Oleh : Karen Craig // 17:13


  1. A great idea. Ive discovered and enjoyed books that I would not have thought about or not discovered and would have missed the pleasure to read and learn about topics very much relating to self had I not selected any bundle. My favourite is How Billy met Fraser. A autistic boy whose best friend and hero is a cat. Being a Asperger female I closely related to many struggles and I myself find great comfort and companionship with furry four legged friends. However it takes a special cat with extrodinary personality.

    1. Hi there, thank you so much, it's always nice to know that our efforts bring pleasure! And thank you also for the thoughtful reflection. Some cats definitely take providing comfort to a higher level than practically any biped could aspire to- good to know you have found some!

    2. I loved checking out a bundle at my library - it made me take out a book from an author I hadn't read before, and also showed me that the new short James Patterson books are available at the library - they're great reading.


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